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Altar Setup

I just finished setting up my altar, which is now on my dresser instead of my bookcase. There’s a lot more space for my stuff which I’d rather keep in the open instead of hiding in shelves and drawers. I’m hoping it’ll help me keep up with my practices :) In the center I have my white pentacle cloth in front of my mirror which is leaning up against the wall on my dresser. On the left I have statues of the Lord and Lady, candles, my athame, oils, a fan from China, and bag of runes. On the right I have my cards, boxes of crystals, oil burner, salt, some more candles, incense burner, sea shells, and goblet. On the cloth representing each element:

Spirit: HUGE amythest

Water: seashells

Fire: red candle from a love spell bag

Earth: Brigit pendant inside a walnut shell

Wind: a pair of black feather earrings and a small bracelet with bells

I’d post a picture but the lighting in my room is really bad. If I remember I’ll post one tomorrow when it’s daylight out :)

Candle Making, Incense, and Loreena McKennit.

I love how the simple things in life make me feel like such an awesome witch :) I spent the past 2 days buying almost 7 pounds of wax and making 8 candles out of it. They be Christmas gifts made with love for my family and friends <3 And it’s officially a new obsession of mine, knowing I can make them whatever color, scent, and in any container I want for anyone I choose. There’s so much you can do with candle making it’s amazing. I think I’ve finally chosen— no, found— a hobby I can stick with I wont get tired of besides reading. This makes me so happy :)

I feel like I create these candles not just for my friends and myself, but for the Lord and Lady as well, for they love tools we can use that we make by our own hands. Maybe I’ll start my own little internet shop once I can get enough money to buy enough tools on a monthly basis. I also love making things out of clay and painting them. Whenever you peeps want, I’ll start taking requests and ideas :) Not sure if I’ll be able to make said possible requests right away, but I hope it will be done some day. I plan on making labels for the candles I’ve made, based on the deity/spirit guide/angel/saint chosen with their associated colors and herbs/scents. I have a good feeling this will be the best Christmas gift giving year ever.