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Offering to the Goddess

Right now I’m getting some holy water and having my rocks and a bracelet blessed outside on my porch thanks to the Goddess and her gorgeous figure as this bright full moon! I made a small bowl of pasta with olive oil, basil, garlic powder, sea salt, and goat cheese, only bc I LOVE that stuff! Although eating it now, it could probably use a little more salt and no goat cheese… sorry My Lady ><

I Found a Spiritual Wellness Shop!

When I was a little girl, my mom told me that everything happens for a reason. Since then, I have believed it with all my heart and spirit without doubt. It was just me and the girl I take care of here in Vegas, Gianna, for the whole day. We went to Borders where I got a book on Norse magick by D.J. Conway (and with my 10% off discount, the price was $7.77… original lucky number thrice!!) then I trusted my GPS to take us to a place called Smith’s, a grocery store/gas station plaza where I could get discount gas with the card Gianna’s mom let me borrow. As we were driving into the plaza, I noticed there was a Subway next to Smith’s which was awesome because I planned to take Gi there as a treat for lunch today! After I filled my tank, we walked to Subway to eat inside. I noticed just 2 stores down from Subway there was an aromatherapy wellness shop and I made a mental note to step inside once Gi and I were finished with lunch.

When we walked through the doors of the shop, which I noted before we went home is called The Spirit Within U, there were dreamcatchers, candles, books, cards, figurines, and lots of stones around the walls and on the shelves in the store. One of the employees walked up to me and Gianna after we browsed through some of the shelves with warm energy and ultimate kindness. She explained what was around the store (including workshops for dream definitions, chakra healing, card readings, and reiki) and briefly introduced the rest of the people who worked and volunteered there! It was a relaxed place to just hang out and chat; there was a table with a few chairs and a love seat for people to gather around. I noticed there were 2 little boys playing with some rocks and figurines and no one was ticked or worried about the objects getting ruined. The woman (Emily, I think her name is) who welcomed me and Gianna explained that they welcome children to come in and have fun and explore. But of course if there is any sign of danger or rough play, they interfere to not let themselves get hurt or hurt anyone else.

Emily told me that I found their shop for a reason and she just felt my energy blossming, she knew I needed them, and I did. She suggested that I have a short reading with their healing mentor, Des, who works with the Faeries, Angels, and Spirits through cards. I immediately accepted the invitation, and Emily even offered that she and the others would look after Gianna for me while I have my reading in peace. She took Gi to the table and chairs with her friends while I sat with Des as she set up her table. Des had 6 decks of cards for me to choose from and I was torn between 2 so she used her new pendulum to help me out and the deck chosen was the one with the Goddesses. She had me smell 2 oils and take in both scents through my whole body while I began to concentrate on my breathing.

Des told me to imagine my higher spirit 50 feet above my head as a golden light, and inside that golden light was to be a golden, flaming heart. The flame and golden glow was to flow down in a line into my own heart and fill me up with kindess and peace. She told me to keep breathing evenly and calm, and slowly open my eyes. My mind felt almost… numb, though I could feel the energy all around me in the shop much stronger than I had when I first walked in; from Des talking to me, the women and men chatting around the shop and with Gianna, and the children playing with their stones. I was so overwhelmed with the peace, joy, and kindess from the energy of everything in there I was close to tearing in front of Des. I’m now beginning to wish I let myself do so and didn’t hide it from her.

I don’t remember all of the Goddesses I got, but I remember the first one, who was my leading Goddess from the beginning of my Craft practice: Brighid of Ireland who stood for in the card “Don’t back down” (or something like that). The other ones I remember are Green Tara, a goddess representing medicine and healing, 2 others I have forgotten, and the last one was Mother Mary “Expect a Miracle”. Oddly enough, Brighid was my conformation saint when I had no idea she was a triple Goddess, and Mother Mary came up just as I’m beginning to study Catholocism with the Craft. Overall, the Goddess(es) is/are telling me to STOP 2nd guessing myself and just GO with my intuition and to trust her, and learn when to say NO. Des mentioned just because an opportunity arises does not mean I absolutely have to take it, but if I have a problem really knowing intuitively and logically to make a choice, then go to the pendulum, cards, or runes, etc. to help point me in the right direction.

Once I have overcome trusting my inner Goddess completely and know to stand up and choose what is right more for myself, then I will be able to open up to what I am gifted to do to help people and in this case it is healing others in any way I can. Des got the message from the Higher Spirit that I am a gifted healer and I am one of those who wants to help eveyrone in the world. Once I open myself up, I will better understand how to come upon my gift of healing and learn how to use it to help others and myself, and I will recieve a gift like nothing I have ever dreamed of.

Exposure (noun)- I am ready to open my heart, mind, and soul to you Lord and Lady. I am willing to surrender myself to you both. With light and love, goodnight and Blessed Be.