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Altar Setup

I just finished setting up my altar, which is now on my dresser instead of my bookcase. There’s a lot more space for my stuff which I’d rather keep in the open instead of hiding in shelves and drawers. I’m hoping it’ll help me keep up with my practices :) In the center I have my white pentacle cloth in front of my mirror which is leaning up against the wall on my dresser. On the left I have statues of the Lord and Lady, candles, my athame, oils, a fan from China, and bag of runes. On the right I have my cards, boxes of crystals, oil burner, salt, some more candles, incense burner, sea shells, and goblet. On the cloth representing each element:

Spirit: HUGE amythest

Water: seashells

Fire: red candle from a love spell bag

Earth: Brigit pendant inside a walnut shell

Wind: a pair of black feather earrings and a small bracelet with bells

I’d post a picture but the lighting in my room is really bad. If I remember I’ll post one tomorrow when it’s daylight out :)