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D.E.D. and Me: Revised

As you may have read in my first post, I am creating this blog about on my year-long trip to Vegas based on the book “Eat Pray Love”.  My main focus on this trip is not only the job that I have there (full-time nanny for a 6 year old girl with down syndrome), but the most important person in my universe I should have paid more attention to for years: me. What I want, what I eat, what I disapprove of, and how to pretty much live in MY moment.  

Not that I regret I have put my friends and family before me all this time; I believe that’s what I was put on this Earth to do: help others when needed. After all, my name does mean ‘helper of mankind’. I love the fact that I have helped so many friends and even occasional strangers in many different unique ways. And I still plan on doing so, but as they say, you gotta learn to love yourself before you love someone else.

As you may have noticed, I crossed out some of the details about my trip in Las Vegas. I am no longer staying there for the full year, I only stayed for about a college semester’s worth. I learned it was not my lifestyle there and I was miserable putting a job before my education, something I’ve never done before to an extreme extent as to drop out of school, even for only a semester. As I also stated in the first paragraph, I seriously considered what I wanted in MY life. But trust me, telling the parents of the household I wanted to go back home and stay here was not easy, but I knew i had to do it, for my sake.